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Villa Armena: luxury small hotel in Tuscany

Located in the romantic heart of Tuscany, only 20 minutes from Siena, only a stone’s throw from Montalcino and Val d’Orcia, in a fairytale world exuding magic and beauty, Villa Armena is a late Renaissance structure. Built of red brick, with original oak beams and roof, and having terracotta floors and a beautiful Italianate garden, Villa Armena today is an exclusive establishment with just 10 rooms, each one unique, where service, attention to detail and exclusivity are the cornerstones of our offering.


The Villa, whose construction is attributed to Baldassarre Peruzzi, was built in the first half of the sixteenth century. It was the country residence of the noble Malavolti family from Siena who had the good fortune to number among their ranks nine Captains of the People, in other words the most important figures in Siena's political landscape at that time. Legend has it that the name Armena was given to the Villa and its immediate surroundings by a member of the Malavolti family who, returning from the Crusades in the Holy Land, stopped off in Armenia and fell in love with a beautiful local girl. He returned to Italy to get married and decided to devote his feud to his betrothed, calling it Armena as a sign of respect for the origins of the one who had entered his heart and his life so forcefully.


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine walking on a carpet of soft grass between rows of cypress, maritime pines and olive trees. The air is fresh, the sky a perfect shade of blue, and the sun gently caresses your skin with its warmth. All around you ... a many-coloured multitude of roses ... Welcome to Villa Armena! A magical place where your senses will come alive while you are walking in the Garden of Perfumes, enjoying well-deserved relaxation in the Ancient Fruit Area, or sipping tea in one of the beautiful rose gardens.


Once upon a time there was a dream. Joy, nature and family. There was once a villa. Left to its own devices, marked by the passage of time and neglected, yet still incredibly bewitching. Hidden from sight but not from the heart. Today that dream has become reality; the Villa has recovered its former splendour and allure. Irrepressible, it has witnessed a triumph of history, magic and pure beauty... Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Villa Armena, your personal Renaissance villa in the heart of the Crete Senesi area!


Villa Armena, Buonconvento, is in the heart of the Crete Senesi. An astoundingly attractive area of unsurpassable historical interest, Buonconvento - whose name derives from the Latin "bonus conventus" meaning a good-natured, fortunate community - is a member of the prestigious "Most Beautiful Villages in Italy" Association.
Imagine age-old villas, country houses, monasteries and abbeys.
Imagine endless rows of vineyards that seem to chase each other over the hills.
Imagine small groups of olive trees, so close to each other that they seemingly protect and caress each other with their long branches.
Imagine hundreds of cypress trees competing to reach that small cloud floating in the sea of blue above them.
Imagine all that and, after a glass of Brunello, a local farmer's greeting, and the innocent smile of a local child, you'll fall hopelessly in love with this small, humble part of the world
where the sun remains warm and the air fresh and delicate.
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Rooms e suites

Villa Armena offers a total of 10 rooms, all very different from one another. There are four categories: three Classic rooms, one Junior Suite, five Suites and a Superior Suite. Each room enjoys stunning views over the Villa grounds or the wonderful Crete Senesi and comes with precious furnishings, prints, paintings and fabrics. With a wealth of history, yet boasting all modern amenities, the Villa Armena rooms were designed and built to provide the utmost satisfaction for our guests

Giovanni di Donusdeo Classic

This luxurious Classic room overlooks the unmistakeable landscape of the Crete Senesi - a landscape made up of cypress trees, vineyards, olive groves and maritime pine trees. Furnished to the highest standards by Italian master craftsmen, the room is further enhanced by elegant draperies and fabrics. Painstaking attention to detail can be seen in the bathroom, which features paintings and furnishings typical of a stately home as well as soft fluffy towels, all-enveloping bathrobes, comfortable slippers and the delicate Villa Armena courtesy line.

Angelo di Enrico Suite

The beautiful Angelo di Enrico Suite offers wonderful views over the Siena Crete landscape and, in particular, over a swathe of olive trees immediately adjacent to Villa Armena. The room is furnished in style, with very high quality furniture and fabrics typical of the best tradition of Italian master textile craftsmen. The bathroom features a commodious shower enhanced by a colour therapy unit. Guests can also enjoy total relaxation in the extra-large bath in this beautiful suite, together with fluffy towels, all-enveloping bathrobes, comfy slippers and stylish products from the Villa Armena courtesy line.

Malavolti Superior Suite

For a special occasion. For an unforgettable anniversary. For the holiday of a lifetime. Or simply because it is always difficult to give up the best. The Malavolti Superior Suite, with its princely bed, expertly carved furniture, splendid bathroom and a thousand other details that we deliberately do not wish to reveal now so as not to spoil the surprise, is undoubtedly the highlight at Villa Armena. In a word, this is the perfect solution for those who love pampering themselves.

Orlando di Donusdeo Junior Suite

The Orlando di Donusdeo Junior Suite is an amazing room on account of its originality, style and sophistication. The play of light, the opulent furniture, the rich, warm fabrics: everything has been studied down to the smallest detail to provide our guests with unique, unforgettable memories.
The bathroom features paintings and furnishings typical of a stately home, as well as soft towels, fluffy bathrobes, comfortable slippers and the delicate Villa Armena courtesy line.


Our "Made in Italy" approach leads us to support local Kilometre 0 products and, where possible, to use "Slow Food" produce which is a byword for exceedingly high quality and certified origin. We have attained a high level of self-sufficiency by creating a Garden of Perfumes where, in the early morning, guests are likely to encounter our chef selecting the carrots for dinner.

The Sorbo Allegro [the Merry Rowan] restaurant

This hundred-year old tree that welcomes guests to the Villa garden gave its name to our restaurant. So why do we use the word Merry? Because dining in company is a crucial moment of the day, one which must be lived in a superbly maintained, elegant atmosphere exuding a sense of pleasure; where tradition meets imagination to produce results which are excellent and never dull. The same care and attention is paid to breakfast, taken in the conservatory, where the warm Tuscan sun will be the first to greet you in the morning.

The Villa Armena Living Room

As in any self-respecting house Villa Armena has its own living room. A special room where you can relax after a long day exploring Tuscany, challenging yourself on the greens at one of the affiliated golf-clubs or just lounging in the sun by the pool. In fact Villa Armena is not a hotel, but a Tuscan Villa belonging to the Hosts and this room perfectly encapsulates their philosophy. Here you will find a selection of fine "vini da meditazione" in other words, wines to be enjoyed on their own, unaccompanied by food, a wide selection of different types of grappa and the best liquors from all over the world. Enjoy a drink whilst lounging in an armchair, gazing over the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Guaranteed to stir the heart.

The wine cellar

Ours has been and continues to be a painstaking pursuit of excellence in the world of Italian wine. We eschew typical mass-produced classics and instead focus on lesser-known, smaller vineyards, where you will find passion and professionalism and where the products are genuine. Our wine cellar will give you an overview of Italy's regions, from Valle d'Aosta to Calabria, taking in the islands too. In search of age-old genuineness that speaks of history and tradition. Italy: truly wonderful!

Tuscany SPA & Beauty Farm

Lying before you only an endless succession of harmonious, delicate, sensual colours.

Enveloped in the warm embrace of the Tuscan sun, the sorce of inspiration for many of Italy's most important artists, the Villa Armena Spa was established here. Regenerate your mind and body in an exclusive environment where modern design blends with history. A private haven where you will be made to feel exceptional and where welcome silence will accompany you.

Unique location for your wedding in Tuscany

For most people Tuscany represents the best of Italy: stunning scenery, art, history, culture and top-class cuisine. Villa Armena is the ideal location for successful events not only on account of the romantic atmosphere it exudes but also due to its excellent geographical position (at the heart of Italy and linked to five international airports), its impeccable, sophisticated service and the helpfulness of its staff.

Massimiliano, the Wedding Planner

Allow us to introduce Massimiliano, our in-house Wedding Planner, who will plan your wedding and look after you step by step. Massimiliano works closely with our Chef to prepare a number of menus which you will then choose from; he organizes the photographers, florists and beauty artists, all to ensure the best results and maximum satisfaction. If you really want to spoil your guests, he can recommend a range of extra activities such as wine tours, historic tours, horseback riding or relaxing days at the golf clubs with which we have agreements. Massimiliano will take complete care of you from the first time you meet him until the end of your wedding: put him to the test!


Have you ever seen a conference room surrounded by olive trees, maritime pines, cypresses and roses, where the source of light is not bulbs but the warm Tuscan sun? Have you ever dreamed of holding a board meeting in the middle of a centuries-old park surveyed by the Italian Archive of Art Gardens? So allow us to introduce the meeting room at Villa Armena: the Limonaia [Lemon house]. A very special room, equipped with the latest communication technologies and audiovisual systems, built out of a previous construction made entirely of glass. The ultimate in privacy and functionality, it makes for a truly spectacular location.

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