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TARTHESHOTEL - Guspini Sardinia - Italy

TARTHESHOTEL - Guspini Sardinia - Italy

Tarthes Hotel

Welcome to an ancient land, rich in art , tradition, archeological treasures and nature rests.
The 4 Star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh, deep in the heart of an untouched Sardinia.

Upon entering Tarthesh, a magical ambiance surrounds and takes our guests over by surprise. Our guests immerse in a silent welcome by the old world atmosphere; the pillars, columns, Tapestries and simple lines become accentuate by sober luxuries found in this Oasis.
The wind seems as though the land of silver veins, breathes beneath your feet.

The comfortable rooms of this magical resort are quaintly unique in their eclectic style, transmitting an essence of the Mediterranean through its philosophy. 

A 4 Star Luxury Resort in Sardinia, an oasis in which our guests can relax and unwind under our care and attention.
Our guests take full advantage of the surrounding territory immersed in the nature of an untamed land.

Delight in the Tarthesh hotel's restaurant and wine cellar to savor traditional, regional ad international cuisines. Let yourself go by the pool and enjoy the natural scenery between wild berries, palms and orange groves.


Elegantly furnished in relaxing color palate, the classic rooms at The 4 star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh offer our guests a combination of tradition innovation and comfort all at once.

In the Tartheshotel "wonder room" our guests unwind with elegant perfume cocktails and essences created with aromatic herbs found in the vicinities.
A concentrate of aromas which are diffused in the ambiance of this Luxury 4 star resort.

The rooms are quaint and cozy all eclectically furnished, each one unique in their own style. Fusing style and the philosophy behind the Tareshotel's magical characteristics.

The all white decor is the common thread found throughout the walls, exposed ceiling support beams, the satin sheets to the curtains add to an exotic atmosphere a feeling of serenity.

Dining           Breakfast  | Restaurant

Delight in a unique dining experience, discover a cuisine infused in innovation and tradition.
Indulge on new International culinary concoctions accompanied by ancient Sardinian recipes.

Thanks to our world renowned chefs dining becomes, an extra-sensory experience, you wont soon forget. The dining room at our 4 star luxury hotel in Sardinia holds a maximum of 130 people, making it also the perfect place for private events and gatherings. In order to guarantee our guests the best service and quality our staff is happy to serve you in your suites, for breakfast lunch and dinner. Order champagne, wine, deserts and anything else your hearts desire.


Upon your arrival at the 4 Star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh you will be greeted by the warm hospitality found in this magical place.

Nature is the main element surrounding the Tarthesh, welcoming you with leisurely intimacy.
A resort intended for body and soul, free your spirit and care for your body taking advantage of our wellness center and indulge in delicacies at our restaurant. Find the peace you are seeking, awaken your senses while mind body and soul merge in perfect harmony at Tartheshotel di Guspini


The 4 Star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh is the perfect oasis in which to relax and regenerate mind body and soul.

Enjoy our large outdoor Jacuzzi to melts away tension in a serene environment.
We welcome you to treat yourself to an invigorating Thai massage or an Arjuvetic massage experience in true Indian form relish the magnificent sensations of unblocking the chakras and positively stimulating your respiratory and muscleatory system.

Forget all your worries with refreshing a dip in our pool, the area surrounded by Palm trees and berry bushes. Relax in our great Jacuzzi by letting it melt away your tension, we welcome you to treat yourself to an invigorating massage.

A light poolside lunch or refreshing cocktail will re-energize you and have you ready for the adventures at the 4 Star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh.


Nature is the most powerful, characterizing element found at The 4 Star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh.
Between foliage and century old oaks and exotic plants which bloom in summertime.
Read a book beneath the shade of an olive tree, take an invigorating walk through our garden and pick you own fresh fruits.
Practice Yoga in the stillness of the surrounding garden, among orange, lemon trees and majestic cypress, nothing better to relax mind, body and soul. 

Drink from our natural spring and follow the source in an almost meditative walk around the property. 
From sunrise to sundown take in our Vanilla skies and let yourselves be enveloped in the silver rays of the moon at nightfall.

As an Homage to rustic tradition The cantina is dedicated to the tasting of typical Sardinian food and wines from the best local wineries. 

In our Cantina lies the unique opportunity for an intimate dining experience. 

Old tables antique doors and wine bottles, flasks, decanters, chopping boards and the smell of cold meats hanging from the ceiling: your own old-world sensorial experience filled with decorative generosity . 

La Cantina di Tarthesh is found in a basement area directly under the reception access to the cantina is granted upon reservation, our guests are able to organize dinners and tasting of typical local products and also in the case of game caught during the hunting excursions. 


This should be your wedding day.

At the 4 Star Hotel in Sardinia Tarthesh the romantic ambiance is captivating, your wedding day will surely be unforgettable.
Tartheshotel, with its gardens, pool, fountains and its music, holds a special atmosphere.
Let it whisk you away in its magical hospitality, and lure you beneath its star light night.
Enjoy its delicious cuisine and specialty wines.

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