Tour - Tuscany

Sightseeing in Florence  

ChiantiTour Length: 4 hours
Minimum number of participants: 2 - Max 7 (for each minivan)
Departure Point: Piazza Duomo, Museo dell'opera del Duomo
Days of Week: Everyday except monday
Note: This tour is offered by a Licensed Tour Guide, specialized in Foreign Languages and in Art History.

Florence and Uffizi Grand Tour

Florence, town of artistic and cultural treasures, home town of painters and sculptors, writers and poets, opens its gates to all those who are keen to admire its multifaceted beauty and will therefore want to join us on an outing conceived especially for tourists who whish to discover its infinite attractions. We will escort you on a walking tour through the town’s most renowned streets, where the shop windows of the most famous Italian designers blend with the medieval architecture, which has remained intact over the centuries. 

You will be awed by the grandeur of the Duomo, and Piazza della Signoria, and by Via degli Orafi and the Ponte Vecchio, with its evocative scenery mirrored in the Arno River. We will accompany you on a visit to the Uffizi Gallery, on a journey of more than four centuries, each one marked by the pictorial art of the most famous masters who trod the boards of the Florentine art scene starting from the Middle Ages. You will admire the art of Leonardo and Michelangelo, discover the source of inspiration which allowed Botticelli to give life to his beautiful Venus, and learn how to differentiate between the several pictorial techniques used to create the most beautiful paintings in the gallery. 

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