Friday, September 30, 2011

Isola di Levanzo - Egadi - Sicily

Levanzo ... a place still in its natural state, peaceful place to relax ... ... .. to find regenerate ...

The smallest of the islands Levanzo Egadi is that, due to the nature prevaltemente range and to a limited human presence has saved several endemic plant species (about 400). 
The absence of roadways invites visitors to trek through the trails is not difficult and unique charm, you can, without great difficulty, reach, following the western side of the island, the Grotta del Genovese, meeting many of the expressions of the island plant strong aroma from the wild. 
The graffiti in the cave of the Genovese, dating from around 9200 BC , Testify to a community devoted to hunting and fishing for tuna already, united in bonds of tribal ritual magic. By entering the cave, and slowly getting used to the dark one is overwhelmed by the charm that the reproduction of symbolic and stylized dancers produces. 
The importance of the archaeological heritage of supranational Levanzo worth a visit. From the slopes of "Pizzo del Monaco" you can reach Cala Tramontana, one of the most beautiful island for the color of the rock, the transparency of the sea, the flora and fauna. 
Beyond Cala Dogana which overlooks the charming village, do not miss a swim at Cala Minnola with its trees that are reflected on the sea. 
Levanzo, the ancient "Phorbantia", is the smallest of the Egadi. 
The town is located in the bay of Cala Levanzo Customs. Like the other islands, we recommend an island tour by boat to better enjoy the natural beauty. 
Extreme north of the island are the lighthouse of Capo Grosso. In the sea front you can see the depths of the most beautiful island. Other points of interest are: Minnula Cala, Cala Tramontana and the stack. 

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