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Valle Rita - Azienda agricola e Borgo rurale -Ginosa (Taranto) Puglia

Valle Rita - Azienda agricola e Borgo rurale -Ginosa (Taranto) Apuglia 

Valle Rita is part of the old Girifalco farmhouse and is situated 72 metres above sea level. It boasts a tower dating back to the 11th century. The Girifalco estate has always been strategically important and rich of farming land: it belonged to important families as the Doria family in the 16th century, the Marquis Alcanices and grandees of Spain from the 17th to the end of the 18th century, when the property was donated to S.M. Maria Crristina of Austria, the last feudal lord until 1924. After that, the estate and the farm were divided. Today, the estate-farm belongs to the Lunati family, who were initially enchanted by the beauty and the charme of a secret, hidden land, full of history and very peaceful. This has inspired them to restructure the whole estate always aware of its authenticity and historical value.

There are 9 apartments, 2 to 5 beds each, for a total accomodation of 30 persons. The charming apartments are tastefully decorated with Mediterranean colors. They are all equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, television, linen and kitchen utensils for a perfect and comfortable holiday. Each apartment is sourrounded by greenery, offering guests the chance to live outdoors enjoing nature and the relaxing seasonal colours of the countryside. Valle Rita is especially proud to propose two apartments, or rather two exceptional villas nestled in citrus-gardens, which have become a favourite destination


These small and very comfortable apartments are located
close to the ancient farmyard. They are composed of a room with twin beds, a bathroom with shower and an entrance hall whith a kitchenette and a small table. Outside there is the garden and a patio. They are equipped with air conditioning, Tv, fridge, linen and kitchen utensils.


Adjacent to the ancient farmyard, these apartments are composed of two big spaces: a large double room, a living room with a built-in kitchen, a fire place, a sofa bed and a dining area; then there is a bathroom with shower. Outside there is the garden and a patio. They are equipped with air conditioning, Tv, fridge, linen and kitchen utensils.


These apartments overlook the Olive yard. They are characterised by a patio surrounded with rose trees. They are composed of a large and sunny living room with kitchenette, fridge, a dining area, and a sofa bed; then there is a double room, a dressing room, a bathroom with shower and outside there is a patio and the garden. They are equipped with air conditioning, Tv, cutlery plus kitchen utensils.



Situated in the Rita Valley surrounded by citrus-trees, it is only 500 m. away from the main Farm House court. Casa Api is one of the largest apartments and it comes with absolute privacy. The name is reminescent of the farmer workers who lived there and produced a delicious organic honey made from orange blossoms. This is still the case today. It is composed of a large living room with kitchenette, fridge, fireplace, two twin bed rooms, a bathroom with shower and a private garden. It is equipped with air conditioning, Tv, linen
and kitchen utensils. Stone steps leads from the garden to a private small church.

This is the largest villa at the guests’ disposal, once it was the Shepard’s lodge. It is situated only 900 m. from the main Farm House court. At the back of the apartment, you’ll find
the aged 18th century palm-groves  where Queen Maria Cristina loved to relax. It is composed of a large living room with a kitchen, a fridge, a fire place and a sofa bed; a double room, a twin bed room, a storage room and a bathroom with a bath-tub. It is equipped with air conditioning, Tv, linen and kitchen utensils. Outside, you’ll find a private garden with an old wood-burning oven.


Life revolves around delicious food and great wine in Apulia and that is also the case in Valle Rita! We offer mediterranean flavors and tastes that will seduce even the most demanding palates. The recipes are based on seasonal products from our own organic farm: only the freshest ingredients that our chef will prepare, cooking a refined cuisine which combines quality research and local tradition. The cellar offers wines produced by our family business in Basilicata, labels that have won many national awards with wines from either DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) or IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) status. The restaurant is situated in two rooms where two large twin fireplaces embellish the décor. It once housed workers from Lecce who were here to harvest tobacco-leaves. Another pleasant area of our restaurant is the harmonious garden also opened to non-resident guests on reservation.


Valle Rita offers many facilities to its guets to allow you to totally relax and fully enjoy the charm of our authentic countryside. In this historical site, there are different activities ranging from relaxing bike rides to educational meetings on organic farming techniques, from dives into the beautiful panoramic swimming pool overlooking the vast countryside to playing tennis and much more. Valle Rita also offers its guests a romantic bar sourrounded by prickly pears and an ancient stable that is ideally suited for business-meetings, game-playing, relaxing and cooling down during the hot summer days or just sipping a glass of wine after dinner. There are also beautiful beaches nearby, as well as horseriding schools and golf courses.

Valle Rita is situated along the Ionian Coast, a few kilometres from Ginosa Marina, Castellaneta Marina and Metaponto to the West. Taranto is situated not far to the East. The main attractions of this territory are the sandy beaches, the unspoilt nature and the magnificent remains of ancient Greece, the Magna Grecia. The landscapes are beautiful with their wide sandy beaches, vast pine forests and luxurious vegetation. Here the cities of Magna Grecia arose in the 8th century: Metaponto, Heraclea (now called Policoro), Siris and Pandosia. Historical traces are visible at the archaeological sites of Metaponto and Policoro. The park of Metaponto is of great historical and archaeological importance. It includes the monumental remains of the urban sanctuary dedicated to Apollo Licio and the adjacent Agorà. Named “Southern California” due to the flourishing agriculture, the Metapontina plain is now the flagship of Lucania economy.

Matera, whose origin is lost in prehistory, is among the oldest and most picturesque cities in the world. Situated just 40 km from Valle Rita, be sure to expect a surreal scenery: the Sassi of Matera, part of the Unesco World Heritage Patrimony. It has the charme of a very ancient city where you can easily trace the history of Man from the Paleolitic until today, from the neolithic villages to the vast urban areas of Civita and Sassi. The original center of town is the “Civita”, dominated by the cathedral, besides which the sassi-districts “Barisano” and “Caveoso” have emerged. The urban structure of these districts consists of an intricate succession of narrow stairs, caves and palaces. The “Gravina”, the “Murgia” and more than 120 rock churches with byzanthine frescoes make this place unique, where Man has used the scarce resources of land without destroying it but by literally integrating in it.

Trulli, stone walls, farmhouses, ancient Mediterranean villages, castels, cathedrals, monasteries, underground mills, cellars, festivals, religious festivals, and popular traditional dances: this is the Itria Valley. It is dominated by olivetrees grown in the lands of the old farmhouses (“masseria”,) which are small stone fortresses. Here the coast is marked by long sandy beaches, dunes and protected natural reserves. There are many traces of the ancient Messapian civilization like the small conic houses (“Trulli”) all over the valley which are stunningly beautiful. Here are some of the “must-see” villages in the Itria valley: Alberobello, for the originality of the houses (the “Trullis”) and Castellana Grotte known for its karst caves which are among the largest and most picturesque in Italy.

The center of Apulian baroque is Lecce, a city long known for its extraordinary architecture, sculptures and baroque paintings. It is absolutely unique. Walking through the streets of Lecce, you can admire facades (made with warm sandstone) of extraordinary churches, palaces and mansions: an eternal witness of the most wonderful art of Baroque. It is unique in its genre and that’s why we speak of “Barocco leccese”, Lecce is therfore also known as the “Florence of the South”.

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