Saturday, August 20, 2011

Alla Scoperta Dei Sapori Siciliani - Discovery of the Sicilian Flavors

Not just foodart, history and archeology, in a time travel added to extraordinary natural environment. Here, different civilizations have left their permanent mark of their passage. What is not included in the 'proposed route can easily be visited during a stay of a few more days, from museums to nature reserves and parks archaeologists, to the most interesting monuments. In telling the various stages of the itinerary will give you references for small deviations that will complete your tour.The tourist, the traveler would say-visitor will be amazed by the quality of productions, from the passion of the producers, the care with which they worked to keep life and revive the traditions of this great island, but still remain impressed by the diversity. Diversity and variety of flavors and aromas of the oils, cheeses, wines, fruits and vegetables that change even within the territories, in a magical and fascinating kaleidoscope of the senses. We can speak of a Renaissance Sicilian food and wine.

Tour Lands of the Phoenicians
The food and wine we offer runs through the lands that were once places of settlement populations of Phoenix.It winds its way between the provinces of Palermo, Trapani and Agrigento and Trapani are interested mainly on, but also includes the territories of the Belice Valley that fall in the provinces of Agrigento and Palermo. You can walk through as it is proposed, or, if you wish, from anywhere else. To enjoy it fully you will need three days, but I took the offer from the throat of its typical products, the hospitality of the innkeepers and the charm of nature and its history, surely you would like to extend your stay by a few days.

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