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History of Petroia Castle in Gubbio (Umbria, Italy)

The origins of the Castle of Petroia are to be found between the IX and X century, when free City States like Gubbio built fortifications and castles to protect their towns and territories.
The Castle of Petroia already existed in the year 1073, when it was mentioned in an old document as part of a donation: " mansum in curte Petroij". A legal document dated 1171 confirms the existence of “Curtis Petroij” and shortly afterwards on the 7th of May 1257 the Castle of Petroia was submitted to Ugolino, count of Coccorano.
On the 24th of March 1384 Count Antonio from Montefeltro occupied Gubbio and became the Lord of the city. Gubbio’s existence as a free City State thus ended and for many centuries the town was part of the Dukedom of Urbino and the Castle of Petroia became linked to the Montefeltro family.
The main historical date for the Castle of Petroia is on the 7th of June 1422, when the young Elisabetta of Accomandugi, daughter of Guidopaolo and niece of Matteo, gave birth to Federico da Montefeltro, who later became the famous Duke of Urbino.
Elisabetta, who was a lady-in-waiting to Rengarda (the Duchesse of Urbino), had a son from an adulterous affair with Rengarda's husband, Guidantonio from Montefeltro (the Duke of Urbino).
Thus the severe walls of Petroia saw the beginning of the fascinating life of a man who played an important role in the XV century and the Italian Renaissance.

Structure - Castello di Petroia (Umbria - Italy)

The Castle of Petroia is composed of medieval buildings enclosed within the Castle's walls.
The origins date back to the XII century when the castle was built in a beautiful setting between Gubbio and Perugia, overlooking the Chiascio valley. It was the stage of many important events during the XIII and XIV centuries. The entire complex was restored between 1982 and 1990, carefully preserving the authentic structure of the Castle.
Petroia RelaisThe Castle is composed of three buildings: the "Castellare Maggiore" (the main part), the "Castellare Minore" (the smaller part) and the "Mastio", the building that surrounds the ancient Tower of the Castle .
The 11 guestrooms are all in these three buildings.
The hilltop location sits on a tree-lined summit overlooking the Chiascio valley, which offers a picturesque landscape beloved by the artists il Perugino and Piero della Francesca.
Near the Castle there is the farm of Petroia, with its park and acres of pristine forest: there, you can see herds of purebred Chianina cattle, grazing in the open pastures.

Rooms and Suites - Petroia Castle (Umbria - Italy)

The ancient and authentic rooms are carefully furnished to create an elegant setting and a welcoming atmosphere.
The ceilings all have wooden beams and the walls are decorated with paintings of the XVIII and XIX centuries.
The Castle offers different types of rooms: Deluxe, Junior Deluxe, Suite, Superior and Classic.
All the rooms have: mini-bar, satellite TV, telephone and hairdryer
Some rooms have: sofa bed, whirlpool bath, air conditioning, stone fireplace and view of the green valley.

Petroia RelaisThe Deluxe Rooms

The Deluxe rooms are extremely spacious to insure maximum comfort and have a whirlpool mini-swimming pool.

Petroia Relais

The Suites
Petroia RelaisThe Suites are 60 to 90 square meters, some with a separate living area and at least one sofa-bed.

Petroia Relais

Petroia RelaisThe Superior Rooms
The Superior rooms are 40 square meters and have a whirlpool bath and a shower.

The Bedroom in the medieval tower of Petroia Castle (Umbria, Italy)

The most characteristic and unforgettable apartment is in the Tower: built in 1000, it is completely authentic.
Petroia RelaisIt was fully restored in 1986, and while carefully preserving the original architectural structure, it is now a delightful living area.
The tower has three rooms, each 10 square meters, set on three different floors leading up to a balcony.
Petroia RelaisThe entrance to the Tower is on the second level which leads into a small living-room. The bathroom is on the lower floor and the bedroom is on the upper floor. Further up still from the bedroom there is a panoramic balcony and solarium for the exclusive use of guests staying in the tower.
The floors are connected by way of the original stairways and are steep and narrow, especially those leading to the bathroom.
The simple and essential furnishing was made specifically for this apartment. There is a mini-bar, telephone and whirlpool bath
The Tower does not offer the same level of comfort as the other rooms but it gives its guests the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Middle Ages.

The restaurant of Petroia Castle (Gubbio - Umbria - Italy)

The ancient Accumandugi Hall is now home to the restaurant of the Castle.
This charming room, with its authentic thick stone walls and small loophole windows has a warm, romantic atmosphere thanks to the boxed wooden ceiling and softly coloured walls. A candlelit dinner here is magical; the atmosphere of the past envelopes you and you cannot help but feel like the Lord and Lady of the Castle.
Combining fresh and natural ingredients, our Chef Massimo Carleo proposes a refined carte of local and sea cuisine, cooked with creativity and elegance.
The pleasure of dining in this beautiful and ancient place is enhanced by the courteous professionality of our Maitre Danilo with his exclusive and impeccable service.
The Restaurant is open every day from 20.00 to 22.00


Petroia RelaisA stay at the Castle of Petroia lets you enjoy being in the open air and unwind in the quiet of the beautiful castle grounds.
Relax in the swimming pool surrounded by olive trees, or explore the many footpaths that lead through the lands and woods belonging to the castle.

Events - Castello di Petroia (Umbria - Italy)

The Castle of Petroia organizes symphony concerts, medieval and varied events.

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