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Archaeology Tours - Venice

ArArcheologic Tours

The origin of Venice: from the Paleoveneti to the Byzantines.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                   BOAT TOUR “From Venice to Torcello” (cod 11-ABCO-ARCH01)

600_navigador_lazzaretto_anforeSailing along the Venice lagoon gives unique emotions. You will be surrounded by spectacular sceneries and a fascinating natural environment that leads far beyond the classic image of Venice.
Thanks to the most recent archaeological discoveries we have a more precise idea of the origins of Venice and of the conformation of the lagoon at the times of the first urban settlements.

The tour includes the following destinations:

Lazzaretto Nuovo: is located in front of St. Erasmo littoral. In 1468 on the island was built a hospital for the isolation and quarantine of ships, goods and people coming from the East, that entered Venice; in the "Teson Grando" there are numerous writings dating from the end of XVIth century, indicating the ownership and origins of commodities.
The island of "Lazzaretto nuovo" is an area of great historical and natural interest in the Lagoon of Venice, now fully recovered after several years of neglect, as a result of recent restoration.

Torcello: is a quiet and sparsely populated island, situated in the Northern part of the Venetian lagoon. It is considered the oldest continuously inhabited area of the lagoon, and was once the most populous island, before the establishment in Rialto of the Venice's ducal government seat. After the downfall of the Roman Empire, Torcello was one of the first lagoon islands to be populated by people fleeing the Venetian mainland in order to escape from recurring barbarian invasions, especially after Attila the Hun had destroyed the city of Altinum and all the surrounding settlements in the year 452. The ancient "Dorceum" or "Turricellum", with about thirty thousand inhabitants, was a bishopric from 639 to XVIth century, and enjoyed its most prosperous period in the Middle Ages. It was also a thriving centre of arts and crafts, especially for metal work, glass and wool.

mazzorbo monti
Mazzorbo: was once an important trading centre, but it is now known for its vineyards and orchards.
Its main attraction is the XIVth century Church of Santa Caterina, but there were five churches in the past.
The Gothic bell-tower, built in 1318, houses a bell which is one of the oldest in Europe.
Today Mazzorbo, linked to Burano by the wooden "Long Bridge", is known for the fruits of its gardens, like the "castraure" and "sparesee", typical local specialties.
Nowadays only three hundred people live here.




BOAT TOUR “From Venice to Torcello” (cod 11-ABCO-ARCH01)

H.09:00    - Meet in Venice, embark on traditional boat and navigate to Torcello.  
                    - Arrive in Torcello. Visit the Torcello Museum and the excavations of the Monastery of San Giovanni
                       Evangelista (Villa Baslini). Time at disposal to visit the island main sites: the VIIth century Cathedral of Santa
                      Maria Assunta, the XIIth century Church of Santa Fosca, the ancient stone chair known as "Attila's Throne"
                      and the Devil's Bridge.
- Departure to Mazzorbo.
- Arrival in Mazzorbo. Free Lunch. In the afternoon, time at disposal to visit the XIVth century Church of Santa Caterina.
- Board in Mazzorbo and sail to Lazzaretto Nuovo.
- Arrival in Lazzaretto Nuovo. Visit the archaeological site with specialized guide.
- Departure to Venice. During the navigation, a farewell drink will be served to all passengers.

H.18:00 - Arrival in Venice. End of the tour.

                                                                                                                                           The programme includes
Venezia Archeology
ABCO assistant during the entire excursion (official languages: Italian and English. Other languages on request).
Transportation by typical lagoon sailing boat (boat size according to the number of passengers).
Specialized guides as per programme.
Entrance at islands and / or museums as per programme.
Archaeological guide in Torcello.
Aperitif on board.
The programme does not include
Anything not mentioned in "The programme includes".


ABCOcard > (membership card required) EUR 15,00 per person

Min 14 - Max 28 passengers     EUR   80,00 per person
Min 29 - Max 50 passengers     EUR   65,00 per person



6 / 10 / 20 / 50 passengers
       1 skipper
30 passengers
1 skipper + 1 sailor
Equipped with: W.C.; Kitchen.

Cancellation policy >
In case of bad weather, the tour cannot be held.

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