Saturday, November 5, 2011

Secret Venice


Music in Venice Tour

concerto_flauto_clavicembalo_Rivalta_BormidaThe places of music - The tour lasts about 4 hours.

Route from "San Samuele" to "St. Mark's School" (cod 11-ABCO-WOLKS-MUSICA)

Telling the story of music in Venice from the sixteenth to the twentieth century, following the traces of the baroque theaters, musical hospitals and places lived by great musicians fascinated by this amphibious city. The Music then as complementary of Venetian Painting.

The European visitors who come to Venice in the eighteenth century wrote reports from which emerges a city permeated and enveloped in the music, almost without being able to distinguish the natural sounds of water flowing in the channels and the cries of the seagulls, from the ones played by those instruments in churches, palaces and in the corners of the streets. Thus, from crossing of goods, Venice become a must for anyone with passion and interest in music, be it sacred or popular.

The walking route is along a path that goes from San Samuele to the Scuola di San Marco, passing through the Fenice Theatre and the Church of the Pietà.

Offerta-Musicale_Ca-RezonicoThe programme includes:
ABCO assistant during the entire excursion (official languages: Italian and English. Other languages on request).
The programme does not include:
Entries not provided in the description of the routes.
All transfers to/from the departure/arrival points (transfers can be quoted separately).
Any extras not mentioned in the program's description.

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