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The Villa la Collina, built in 1895, was the summer residence of German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer from 1959. The Villa is situated in a fantastic park with a breathtaking view over Bellagio. Today Villa la Collina and the "Accademia Konrad Adenauer" offer their services ti the public as international meeting centres for politics, economics and culture, in a beautifully maintained park of 28,000 square metres.

Villa la Collina

The venue can also be used as a conference centre and as a hotel. The Villa stands on a hill in the middle of the park with fine cedars, Scots pines,chestnut trees and cypresses. There are walks through which visitors can discover the enchanted atmosphere of the park. The slope down to the lake is quite steep and is terraced with grey granite walls, punctuated with niches. These niches are one of the true jewels of the park; they protect peach, lemon, apple and pear trees. The Villa la Collina gardeners have created a vegetable garden and flowerbeds, surrounded by rose and hazel bushes. There are many paths leading back to the park and the beautiful open air pool. In this part of the garden are luxuriant rose bushes, azaleas and rows of hydrangeas and rhododendrons. On the other side of the lake, a chain of mountains rises up, covered with snow for most of the year. To the north, the vista opensonto the Valtellina mountains. The Villa is connected to the Accademia Konrad Adenauer by a stone stairway with 118 steps. The boundary of the land is dotted with romantic  gazebos, and behind these is the Adenauer Walk, so named beacause Chancellor Adenauer used to walk along it in Sundays to attend mass at the Parish Church of Griante.

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