Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Roman…in a plate

Ape Chef Tour

Guided Tour In the Roman cuisine 

The Roman…in a plate 

The dietary history of Rome and its neighbouring territory has ancient roots and there is plenty of evidence in the cultural heritage of our country that allows us to follow the local gastronomic tradition over the centuries and to appreciate the elements of continuity with the present day as well as identify possible ways of recovering older products and recipes.

  • —The strong point of this tradition is the use of raw materials that belong to the wide range of typical Roman products, a current testimony of secular tastes and culture.
  • —One third of the approximately 400 traditional products from the region included on the list draw up annually by the Ministry for agricultural policies are typical products from the Roman countryside. Some of these have already been granted or are in the pipeline to be granted Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) or Typical Geographical Indication (IGP); others are known as traditional products, that is passed down through the generations from memory, which is typical of a peasant civilization; others still are considered local products and are therefore specifically linked to a well-defined territory that gives them unique characteristics that cannot be assimilated with products from other areas.
The program includes
  • 1 accomodationin B&B verycentral
  • Hour tour on ape elettricbuggy
  • Locallygrownfood on Roman farmer’s market
  • Preparation of Roman menu
  • Lunch (or dinner)
  • Registration & insurance
Prices and details:
231,00  p.p. included:
  • 1 night in standard room - B&B;
  • Hour tour on ape elettricbuggy
  • Companion for shopping
  • Fund expenditure
  • Preparation of Roman dish with expert /landlord
  • Tastingof prepareddishes
  • Registration& insurance
Examples of menu
  • Tonnarelli pasta with DOP Pecorino Romano cheese and pepper
  • Oxtailstew
  • Bakedpotatoes
  • Tiramisù 
  • Bucatini pasta with Lard, DOP Pecorino Romano cheese and pepper
  • Saltimbocca alla romana
  • Chicoryripassata
  • Sweet DOP Ricotta Romana
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